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About Noticing

Did Ya Notice that most people, even people who are trying hard to balance work and personal lives, hustle and bustle from thing to thing and place to place, and never Notice what they can see?

Did Ya Notice that employees who never stop, get burnt out and unhappy? And that stopping, for even a minute, to Notice life can not only bring more happiness, but also greater productivity?

Did Ya Notice that there is a large body of research linking mindfulness with happiness and productivity? Research can be found here.

We talk about balancing or integrating work and personal life. But even if we succeed to a reasonable extent, something is still missing. We are still hustling and bustling (H&B'ing) to get things done at work, and we are H&B’ing to get things done for our families, our communities, and ourselves. But with all this H&B, life is still passing us by --- if we don’t Notice it!

If we  Notice  elegant solutions, patterns, and Human Idiosyn-Crazies™, then we can become heroes at home and at work!

Notice because Life is More Than Just a Checklist.




What Margery Writes and Speaks About

Margery writes about little things, because she believes that it is the little things that make the world meaningful.  

She subscribes to the concept of Radical Amazement, first put forth by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, and she believes it is extremely important and extremely rewarding to Really Look at things. The world is an amazing place – read her blogs about cauliflower and hexagons.

But she is certainly not all smiley and gaga. She also subscribes to the notion of radical grouchiness. She  writes about things that really tick her off…like Totally DeTestable Technology™.

However, in addition to being radically amazed about stuff, or totally annoyed by stuff, she Notices. Human Idiosyn-Crazies™. Those crazy things she does and she hopes she's not the only one!

She has published a book and a number of articles on various aspects of work-life balance. Click HERE for the publication list. 

Margery is like the late Andy Rooney, but with neater eyebrows. She combines Rooney-like directness with a dose of wide-eyed amazement and a dollop of laughter. She knows that to Notice is to really live, and that this is the secret key to becoming a hero at home and work!